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Pernod Ricard

Ingham’s Feed Plant, SA

$53M animal feed plant featuring a 13 level mill building, inground hoppers, warehouses & workshops and 45 silos with capacity to produce 100 tonnes of feed per hour.


T-Ports Grain Terminal, SA

$115M port facility for grain handling, including 24,000 tonnes of silo storage and conveyor loading onto transhipment vessels of up to 13,800 tonnes per day.


Petaluma Winery, SA

A ‘greenfield project’ winery in the Adelaide Hills including grape receival, production and storage, increasing Petaluma’s capacity by 1.2M bottles

per year.

ResourceCo Eco-friendly Waste Resources Facility, NSW

$10M waste manufacturing facility, processing around 150,000 tonnes of waste per year to produce reusable fuel from non-recyclable

waste streams.

Thomas Foods Abattoir, SA

Significant upgrade works to the abattoir facility at Murray Bridge, including offal bin remediation, new conveyors and trestles, monorail systems, hoppers, underground works, access and safety upgrades and services pipe bridges.


Tarac Technologies Distillery Extension, SA

Extension of infrastructure to increase Tarac’s distilled grape alcohol production, including marc washer support structure, towers to distillery column vessels and storage tanks.


Orora Glass Manufacturing Facility, SA

Continual and extensive upgrade works to the manufacturing facility, including workshops, warehousing, recuperator access, gantry enclosures and general plant improvements.